Why use coaching and mentoring

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In simple terms, it’s all about delivering results. Jason’s clients report considerable growth and continue to benefit from the processes, tools, knowledge and expertise that he has shared during his tailored programs.

“My best reward is seeing my clients outperform their competitors, have a greater grasp on their finances, sustain increased growth and ultimately achieve optimum performance within their businesses.”

Let's face it, running your own business is hard work, and the responsibilities of being the owner can at times feel like a solitary job. Get everything right and the excitement and rewards are incredible, however, it doesn’t take much for profitable growth to be a thing of the past. Having a business mentor and coach can improve both your business and your personal achievements considerably. I understand the challenges that come with owning and running a business first hand, and I’ve spent over 25 years advising companies and their owners on making the right kind of change.

As a business owner, you quickly become so close to the detail of your company that it makes it almost impossible for your ‘bigger picture’ thinking to be as effective as it was when you started. I help businesses and their owners in a number of different ways, however, much of my work involves giving the people I work with the vision that has been lost in the detail.


Maybe you need help gaining more new business, or you have lost some customers and need help retaining those important relationships with your existing clients. Perhaps you have an idea to change the direction of your company or would like to specialise in servicing a specific sector – Or you just can’t seem to take the business to that next level; you are working hard but not gaining the rewards you would like.

Efficiency, profitability and owner happiness are also key elements of a successful business. I can help you define your ambitions, improve your work/life balance and if required give you the tools to help you enjoy running your company again.

With our fast-changing economy and the speed at which new technology is impacting on our lives, it’s not unusual for growth to slow down, market share to be lost and a company to get left behind. If this happens to your business then it’s highly likely that your profits will decrease while your stress levels increase.

For a more detailed list of how I help my clients, please see my Services page.

Ready to take your business forward?

Book a free one-to-one meeting or phone call with Jason. You tell me about your business. After clarifying some objectives, I will let you know if my coaching and mentoring is right for you and if it’s not, I will tell you.

“Jason is one of those 'stand out' kind of people. He's massively driven and always delivers. He is brutally honest and transparent in the way he deals with people which builds success for his clients. On top of that he's just super good to be around; positive, sees opportunity and full of passion”

Alistair Bryan - Managing Director, Bray Leino

“Jason has a canny knack of creating a positive impression with anyone he engages with. Coupled with a sharp business brain, without a doubt he would be a valuable asset to any business he works for or with. Proof is in the pudding, give him a call”

James Callard – Business development manager, Globe Business Media Group

"I have been working with Jason for the past year and he has been really brilliant. He's very easy to work with, offering pragmatic advice and also making sure that things get done. We have looked at every element of my business, and from the re-branding to changing the way I operate and develop my revenue streams, he has been excellent. It's felt like a full business 'makeover', and I am now in a much better position both professionally and financially than I was a year ago."

Sarah Pohlinger - Director at Leabourne Financial Advice Ltd

“I needed help to develop my consultancy into a sustainable business. Jason quickly got to grips with the marketplace I cover (charity fundraising) and was able to help me focus on selling the key benefits of my service. We're now working up a marketing strategy together using customised materials that is already winning new clients. I couldn't really ask for more.”

Rupert Tappin. Partner, Decaid Consulting

"Jason has a fantastic ability to engage. His commercial awareness, developed through his deep understanding of both branding and marketing puts him in a unique position to lend his diverse and highly successful experiences for the benefit of his clients."

Matthew Armstrong – Business Development Manager, SAI Global Property

"I would definitely recommend working with Jason. He's a creative with a commercial brain, and he really understands what makes businesses work. He's done loads of great work across a range of sectors but I know him from the legal world and he knows that market inside out."

Charlotte Collins-White. Partner and Associate Director, Lansons Communications